SINCO® Clamping Vises

5XGrip Centering Vise 144

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used for workpiece clamping on 5-axis machines. Jaw width – 100mm, clamping range 144mm
  • Special spindle encapsulation system with numerous seals
  • Sealing nuts at the spindle end
  • Actuation through hexagon nut with a wrench and fine pre-adjustment possible with hexagon socket on the other side
  • Two types of jaws: raw grip for the setup of raw material and smooth jaws for the second setup
  • Four M10 thread holes with recess ɸ12.50 for centering on the underside in pattern 50×50 mm
  • Two holes ɸ12.50 for dowel pins on the underside, at the longitudinal axis, 100.00 mm over the center
  • Ready to be used with clamp strap set
  • Material: hardened corrosion-resistant steel with functional surfaces and precision ground
  • Thread holes M6 available on the jaw sides enable mounting of Workpiece end-stops
  • Additional holes can be added on the underside to fit clamping on other systems

Example: In this photo, we see a 5XGrip Centering Vise featuring adjustable jaws that can be easily rotated to suit the shape and size of the workpiece being clamped. The vise is designed to provide a stable grip on the workpiece, ensuring precision and accuracy during machining operations. The adjustable jaws make it versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of workpieces.

Example: 5XGrip Centering vise with a workpiece securely clamped on a MultiZero Clamp pallet. The vise is designed to center the workpiece and provide precise clamping for machining operations, while productivity is assured with quick-change pallets – in this case, MultiZero Clamp Pallet.