Most frequent questions

Can your base plates be produced in a different size than what's presented in your catalog?

Yes, SINCO offers a personalization program, which means that the customer provides us with a machine table model and we produce MultiZero Base Plate in size that fits 1:1 to the machine table.

Do you offer only mechanical clamping with screws?

No. SINCO also offers automatic clamping with the integration of pneumatic modules to the base plate. Besides that, SINCO also offers Pneumatic pallets, which means that if the customer didn’t decide on an automatic solution in the past and integrated a mechanic base plate on the machine, one can still fully transform its system into an automatic one, with the addition of a MultiZero Pneumatic Pallet. Even with pneumatic modules integrated, the system surface around them isn’t flat but is still circled with conical slots. That means that the user can still use a mechanical way of clamping if pneumatic modules aren’t most suitable for the operation one wants to do.

Is the base plate a “must” to be able to clamp with MultiZero system?

Yes, MultiZero Plate is the base of the whole system, and it doesn’t move from the machine table once it’s fixed there.

Can you clamp without pallets?

Yes, the MultiZero clamping system can act as a two-layer or a three-layer system. That means that the user can clamp the workpiece directly on the base plate, with a clamping fixture or a vise, or clamp with the use of a quick-change pallet.

What is the point of adding the pallet (and why don't you just clamp on the base plate)?

Adding a quick-change pallet to the user clamping strategy significantly improves processing productivity as well as brings standardization to the production. By using the MultiZero pallets, user can clamp the workpiece outside of the machine, while another workpiece is being processed on the machine. When one of the workpieces is done, the operator simply removes the finished workpiece on the pallet from the machine and brings new, raw workpiece on a different pallet to the machine. All of this enables the user to bring new raw workpieces in the same positioning as the previous workpiece, all with the accuracy of 5μm.


With the use of pallets, the user also brings much higher standardization to the production and with that reduces the human factor. By this, the operator on the machine only needs to exchange the pallets with processed and unprocessed workpieces on the machine, while technologists prepare all the operation programs outside of the production. This way, the operator is left with the minimum possible chance to disrupt the process and make a mistakes.

On what kind of processing operations can I use your system?

SINCO MultiZero Clamping system can be used on milling machines, sink and wire erosion machines, measuring
machines, and as a fastener on assembly.

Do I need to throw away my old clamping equipment, if I implement your system?

No, all existing clamping fixtures can be used on the MultiZero system. There are two options how this can be done:
a.) MultiZero centering rails can be added under the clamping fixture.
b.) The clamping fixture can be clamped on one of the MultiZero pallets and then used on the system with the pallet.

Why would I need so many zero points? What is the point?

SINCO’s MultiZero clamping system covers the whole machine table with zero points which means that the user is not limited anymore to only 2, 4, or 6 zero points like in other solutions. By this, the user can use the whole machine table as a zero-point and:


a.) Clamp bigger workpieces,
b.) Clamp more workpieces,
c.) Clamp difficult workpieces (due to the flexible environment that offers countless clamping solutions)

What kind of clamping precision do you achieve?

MultiZero positioning always results in +/- 5μm.

How can you guarantee 5μm precision through two to three interfaces (pallet, clamping fixture, and then the workpiece)?

a.) Each base plate is 100% controlled after the machining process is finished.

b.) Major point to understand is that this is not an issue of an absolute accuracy. The most important issue for outcome accuracy is the geometry of the slot and pitch accuracy in combination with a» zero-point hole«

With what kind of clamping power can I clamp with your system?

With mechanical clamping, tightening is done with M12 screws that result in 65kN of power. Initially, that means that the pallet can be clamped with 260kN of power, due to the 4 M12 screws. On the other hand, automatic clamping with pneumatic modules enables 55kN of clamping power, per module.

Where do you mostly differ from other competitors?

• Shape matching and positioning: base plate & pallets or accessories.
• Manual operation
• No medium (hydraulic or pneumatic) is required and therefore enables simple integration (*only with mechanic MultiZero system*)
• Pallet system enabled – SINCO is one of the few zero-point clamping providers that offer the pallet system as a solution. With pallets, the workpiece stays clamped through various operations like milling, eroding, measuring, grinding, etc., and is not removed from the pallet until one is finished. With this, the workpiece always stays positioned and centered the same and reduces the chances of mistakes being made by re-clamping the workpiece over and over again.
• Full use of the working area of the CNC machine
• Zero-point on every 50mm – initially user is in zero-point anywhere the clamping fixture lands
• Flexible clamping environment – With SINCO zero-point clamping system, the user isn’t limited to only 2, 4, or 6 zero-points, but is instead able to clamp in zero-point anywhere on the machine table (in a 50mm array).
• Flexible workpiece handling – SINCO offers clamping fixtures for clamping of most difficult workpieces.
• High clamping forces of up to 260kN.
• Precise positioning of 5μm and no effect from thermal expansion due to the unique positioning system.
• Thermal stability and compensation.

How can I clamp heavy workpieces with the automatic version of your system, if the clamping power of pneu-matic modules isn't enough for me?

When customers can't find the right fit within our product portfolio, SINCO steps in with a personalization program that offers custom solutions to its customers. In this case, hydraulic clamping modules are installed instead of pneumatic ones, even though these are not standard parts of SINCO portfolio.

Do I get CAD data when I purchase the system?

With every ordered product, our customer gets simplified CAD data, that one can import into the
CAD library and use from there.

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