Past events

Värnamo Industriexpo 2023

Värnamo Industriexpo represents 14 companies from Värnamo that compete, but also cooperate because they all have the same ambitions: the best possible personal customer service. Companies believe that knowledge of the region’s combined strengths benefits both them and their customers. During May 10–11, all 14 companies in Småland’s Värnamo, jointly invite all the customers to a unique expo. 

Celada open house Samobor

Join SINCO Spanntechnik at the upcoming open house event from Celada in Samobor, Croatia from May 9th to May 12th. Event will be showcasing top-of-the-line Okuma machines, along with our high-performance MultiZero® clamping system, which will be presented on the running machines. This event is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. You’ll have a chance to see the Okuma machines in action, and learn more about the benefits of using our MultiZero® clamping system.

Don’t miss out on this chance to experience cutting-edge manufacturing technology and explore new ways to improve your processing. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

MIS 2023 Celje

International Industry Fair with the rapid increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors in the recent years, the International Industry Fair in Celje has become the largest and most prominent fair in the fields of machine manufacturing and toolmaking, welding and cutting in SE Europe. It is a major regional fair, which is confirmed by the fact that over 60% of exhibitors are foreign companies from over 32 countries, and more than 43% of visitors come from over 13 foreign countries. For everyone involved in these industries, the International Industry Fair is an outstanding opportunity to acquire customers from the entire SE Europe as quickly and effectively as possible, to present novelties, meet your existing customers and to compare your achievements with your competition.

Machinering EXPO Brussels

Machinering will bring together – under one roof and as centrally as possible (Brussels) – everything to do with machinery and engineering. Through 10 routes, the trade fair will showcase a relevant range of technologies that will provide inspiration to every department of a manufacturing company or machine builder. Whether looking for the most advanced manufacturing technologies, the most efficient production machines and design software, predictive and data-driven maintenance, smart materials and connected components or the most reputable suppliers, Machineering 2023 will offer all the answers and solutions in one place and on the same dates.