MultiZero® Pallets

MultiZero® Blank Pallet

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Delivered with blank top surface, or produced according to customer request
  • Centering slots from the underside at each clamping bolt, used for lifting the pallet
  • Pallet can be lifted by supports centered through slots from the underside at each clamping bolt
  • Used for specific uses:
  1. Clamping of special vises and clamping fictures
  2. Clamping of customer specific workpieces – pallets can be designed and produced according to customers project requirements
  3. Possibility of installing specific zero point pneumatic modules

Types per dimensions

AxB dimensions

AxA dimensions

Product no. Dimensions (mm) Centering Thread holes M12 Clamping bolts Weight (kg)
199.5 x 599.5 x 40 (48)
29.7 kg