MultiZero® Pallets

MultiZero® Pallet

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used for clamping of MultiZero® clamping devices, workpieces, fixtures and vises directly 
  • Zero Points in array of 50×50 mm
  • Clamping thread holes in array of 25×25 mm
  • Clamping repeatibility <0,005 mm, at each Zero point
  • Zero point at every cross section of pallet slots
  • Positioning holes for clamping supports udnerneath clamping bolts 
  • Limitless options and flexibility in clamping

Types per dimensions

AxB dimensions

AxA dimensions

Product no. Dimensions (mm) Zero points Thread holes M12 Clamping bolts Weight (kg)
149.5 x 149.5 x 40 (48)
5.2 kg