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“Focus on the user and the market, everything else will follow”

SINCO company works in the field of high-productive
clamping and is with it’s vast development producing more
than 250 products under the two important principles:

  • Efficiency – Every product that leaves our production is of premium quality and ready to perform at the
    highest level.
  • Innovativity – All of our products are not only following but leading the trends and are developed to help the end user in the most efficient way possible.

We’re constantly focused on creating simple and innovative clamping solutions in the field of metal processing. Powered by 40 years of industry experience we believe that we have the perfect know-how to cater to any company’s needs. With every user and market in mind, we can treat each company individually at the highest level possible.

Introducement of our unique and patented MultiZero® Clamping System focuses on enabling the user most flexible zero-point solution on the market. SINCO® product portfolio involves top to bottom approach – from premium workpiece handling to precise zero-point positioning on the machine table. One of the main goals of SINCO® clamping products is that they can be easily integrated to processing workflow and enable all in one clamping solution for the end user. SINCO® helps you clamp the workpiece fast, precise and secure.

With that said, SINCO® provides solutions that are based on real-time industry problems in the eld of high-productive clamping, be it a high series production facility or small production lines, in a period where saying “time is money“ is more important than ever.

SINCO® has more than 40 years of metal fabrication industry experience, which is transferred into every single product developed and produced by the brand. Among other SINCO’s added value lies in: Quick and agile development, premium quality, and dedication to customers’ needs.

What we stand for.

At SINCO®, we keep it simple.

Faster, simpler and more efficient production lines.

Fully place and connect SINCO clamping strategy in the complete direction and guidelines of the Production process standardization and Industry 4.0

The paths of our values lead to efficiency and innovativity.