MultiZero® Clamping Accessories

MultiZero® Holder W50

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used as a workpiece support on MultiZero® Plate or Pallet 
  • Rectangular supports with various support heights
  • Tightened with M12 screw from the top
  • Single positioning rib on the bottom center
  • Supporting the workpiece from all sides and top

Example: MultiZero Holders W50, which are a type of clamping device used in machining operations. These holders are designed to securely support the workpiece, ensuring stability and precision during cutting and drilling.

Real-life example: The MultiZero system allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it a versatile tool for use with a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes. With its reliable grip and user-friendly design, the MultiZero Holder W50 is a valuable addition to any machining setting.