MultiZero® Clamping Accessories

MultiZero® Vise Double Wedge

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Put on the MultiZero® Rail and used for modular workpiece clamping on the MultiZero® Clamping System
  • Double wedge vise with replaceable jaws
  • Replaceable jaws with positive downforce

Stopper element, support height 35 mm. Used as a complementary element to the MultiZero Vise Double Wedge or Single Wedge.

Example: MultiZero Vise Double Wedge, which is a modular vise that can be moved in an array of 50mm
increments. The double wedge design allows for the clamping of multiple workpieces at once, making it ideal for serial production. The vise provides reliable stability and secure clamping during machining operations, ensuring optimal results.

Real-life example: By using the MultiZero Vise Double Wedge in conjunction with the MultiZero Clamping System,
machinists can achieve efficient and precise production with minimal effort. The modular design of the vise also allows for easy customization and integration with other MultiZero components.