MultiZero® Clamping Accessories

MultiZero® Slot Rail

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used for adapting existing standard vises and fixtures of the customer to the MultiZero System 
  • Compatible with positioning grooves of the MultiZero system
  • Tightened with M6 screw from the underside
  • Two widths available: 16,00 / 20,00
  • Custom dimension rails available upon request, please contact the sales representative

Example: MultiZero Slot rails, which are a type of positioning rail used in conjunction with the MultiZero Clamping System. These rails are designed to retrofit existing clamping equipment, allowing it to be used with the MultiZero system.

Real-life example: The rails are placed underneath the clamping equipment and provide precise positioning, ensuring that the workpiece is held securely in place. By retrofitting existing clamping equipment, machinists can save time and money while still achieving the benefits of the MultiZero system, including quick and easy adjustments and reliable stability during machining operations.