MultiZero® Clamping Accessories

MultiZero® Cylindrical Support

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used as support (workpiece) or lift (MultiZero® Pallet) element 
  • Cylindrical support with two support heights, 50 and 35 mm (Cylindrical support D50 H50) or 35 and 25mm (Cylindrical support D50 H35); tightened with M12 screw from the top; positioning rib on the underside
  • Cylindrical support (D40 H50 D20) with diameter D20,00 g6 on top; used for lifting MultiZero System Pallet Types, through hole for bolt M12

Example: Cylindrical supports being used to provide additional support to a workpiece during machining operations. The support helps to center the workpiece and keep it stable, improving accuracy and precision. The cylindrical shape of the support makes it ideal for use with round or cylindrical workpieces. This support is commonly used in conjunction with other clamping devices to ensure optimal machining results. These supports also work as risers for pallets or workpieces.

Real-life example: These cylindrical supports featured in the photo not only provide additional support to the workpiece during machining, but they can also function as a riser for pallets or workpieces. By elevating the workpiece, it becomes easier to access all sides and angles for machining. This can be particularly useful when working with complex shapes or irregular workpieces. The support’s versatility and ability to serve multiple functions
make it a valuable tool in any machining setting.