SINCO® Clamping Accessories

MultiZero® Support W50

Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

  • Used as a workpiece support on the MultiZero Plate or MultiZero Pallet. 
  • Rectangular supports with various support heights
  •  Tightened with M12 screw from the top
  • Single positioning rib on the bottom;
    Type C – centering rib in the center,
    Type E – centering rib in excentre
  • Supporting the workpiece with surfaces parallel with positioning rib and with top surfaces
  • M6 thread hole for supporting elements on the sides

Example: MultiZero Supports W50, which are used to help center the workpiece during machining operations. These supports are carefully positioned to provide additional stability and ensure that the workpiece is securely held in place.

Real-life example: The MultiZero design allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it a versatile tool for use with a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes.